Seeking funding for completion 2018

All Along the Sava takes the audience on a 990 kilometre journey from the foothills of Slovenia’s Julian Alps through the alpine country into the Pannonian plain and Croatia heading southeast for Bosnia. Here the river forms the frontier of the European Union until it enters western Serbia - leaving the EU entirely - and meanders towards Belgrade where it makes its confluence with the Danube. We use the river as a vehicle for portraying the shared regional heritage and cultural intricacies of the four once federal nations, as well as promoting a new discourse within the Sava basin - we ask, ‘do you value this river, the Sava’? All Along the Sava is a transmedia documentary project which explores the historic & sociocultural characteristics and environmental issues of the region, whilst looking to the future of the young states. Through narration inspired by the poems Breathing Space for the Sava River (1989-1990), the narrator interacts with our characters and intrigues the audience as we explore stories through the eyes of the river and the mouths of its inhabitants.


This is a trailer for a long term documentary about the development of the Nicaraguan canal. The project aims to follow the communities living along the route and over the period of construction show the different aspects from the Chinese workers to the protest movement to the political insights.

Law 840 was passed over a period of just two days giving Chinese firm HKND a 100 year concession to build and operate a number of large infrastructure projects while also been given diplomatic immunity while operating within the country. 

Currently seeking development funding.