All Along the Sava is a cinematic river movie taking you on a 990 km journey from West to East along the river Sava, through the heart of ex-Yugoslavia. Sava acts as the protagonist for this creative documentary merging contemporary characters with historical narratives. The river starts its journey in Slovenia before flowing through Croatia, forming the Croat-Bosnian and into Serbia where she joins the Danube in Belgrade. As Sava articulates stories and wisdom from her past we meet people from the Sava community today who build a picture of their changing social landscape. The film explores the relationship between humans, nature, borders and nationhood while giving an insight into the region 25 years after the breakup of the Yugoslav republic.


This is a trailer for a long term documentary about the development of the Nicaraguan canal. The project aims to follow the communities living along the route and over the period of construction show the different aspects from the Chinese workers to the protest movement to the political insights.

Law 840 was passed over a period of just two days giving Chinese firm HKND a 100 year concession to build and operate a number of large infrastructure projects while also been given diplomatic immunity while operating within the country. 

Currently seeking development funding.